Figure Stones Elsewhere


North America

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                              Ohio                   South Carolina                        Texas                         Pennsylvania 



       New York State                    Tennessee                     Florida                      North Carolina


              Louisiana                   Maine             West Virginia                 Iowa                    Missouri


             Indiana                        Colorado                            Minnesota                     Michigan




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     Germany                  England                               France                                      Italy


                  Holland                          Scotland                          Greece                             Denmark





Australian Sandstone Artifact        Australian Sandstone Artifact

Australia - Click to expand.



Hawaii (Maui) 


Basalt Figure Stone collected by this author in woods near northeast coast of Maui, October 2019.





Turkey - Click to expand.




Karnak, Egypt

This flint end scraper in classic bird form, 6 cm (2.4") in length, was found by Matthijs Doornekamp.  Note the characteristic eye in the correct location and the attention given to its detail.



South America

The Pedra Furada Site, Brazil

Not many photographs of artifacts from Pedra Furada have been published, but sketches in the Athena Review seem to suggest a similarity to the material at Day's Knob, like the three picks shown above next to a sketch of one from Pedra Furada dated to 25,000- 32,000 years BP from charcoal in context.
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Dr. James B. Harrod's OriginsNet website provides an extensive and thought- fully presented array of photographs of artifact material from Oldowan through Upper Paleolithic in the context of "researching the origins of art, religion, and symbolic meaning".

The similarity of much of the material to that at Day's Knob is quite evident.  A notable example is a collection of artifacts assembled by Dr. Walther Matthes of the University of Hamburg, Germany at

Dr. Matthes noted the prevalence of bird and double-face (Janus-like or "bifrontal") motifs in Ice Age artifact material near the coast of the North Sea.


Lithic Casting Lab  

This is a website providing a wealth of information on artifacts from many locations, Paleolithic and otherwise.  The many large and high-resolution photos have been invaluable to this author in his research.

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