Canine Figures in Limestone

Dog Figure - Day's Knob Archaeological Site
Note the black nose, which is a natural feature of the rock incorporated into the figure.  There are several images on this stone, the other prominent one shown below - a quasi-human face with the classic one-eye-open one-eye-shut motif.
Quasi-Human Figure - Day's Knob Archaeological Site
Below:  The pit in which this appeared just below the surface, along with many other artifacts including a standing "Venus" figure.
Canine Figure - Artifact from Day's Knob Archaeological Site
This light-colored limestone is highly weathered, but the carving remains quite recognizable, particularly the mouth and the characteristic deeply carved diamond-shaped eye with the iris left in distinct relief.  Many artifacts of this softer rock appear about 25 cm below a small area at the top of the knob, apparently more iconistic than utilitarian.  Most of these have come from a hole worn by deer around a salt block.

Quasi-Human Image - Artifact from Day's Knob Archaeological Site

Above:  Another figure from the same location.  Note the similarly of the eye to that on the canine figure above.

Below:  The productive hilltop salt lick.

Salt Lick - Day's Knob Archaeological Site


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