Bird-Venus Statue in Limestone

Day's Knob Site (33GU218)

Bird-Venus Statue - Day's Knob Archaeological Site (33GU218)

As shown in the two photos immediately below, this limestone figure - 33 cm (13") - was found lying horizontally in front of a sandstone wall in an elongated pit on the east side of the hill, in which many artifacts of varying lithic compositions have appeared.  The initial thought was "Well, another nice bird stone..." (which it is), and it was just left in place.  But a few months later, it was noted that this stands very nicely upright, presenting a different and beautiful image, even if badly weathered - seemingly a female figure from whose body several more or less anthropomorphic images emerge.  Since it was lying on top of earth deposited over many years, it is conjectured that at some point in time it fell from the sandstone wall above it.


As indicated by a compass/GPS unit, from the stone wall the pit extends along a line 120 from true north, such that standing with one's back to the wall and looking along the trench one would directly face the rising sun as it appears on the horizon at the winter solstice.
Bird-Venus Statue - Day's Knob Archaeological Site (33GU218)

Bird-Venus Statue - Day's Knob Archaeological Site

One of the faces emerging from the primary figure (three more are readily visible above it), this one exhibiting the common one-eye-open other-eye-closed motif.
The face forming the primary figure's right arm, this one exhibiting the common theme of another figure spewed forth from the mouth.
In the context of the Bird-Venus figure (term coined by this author) recognized in this piece, this author came to see the essentially the same Primal Image in countless other old Figure Stones both from this site and from others in distant parts of the world.  One of many (a small one) from this site is shown below:
Small Bird-Venus Figure - 33GU218
In 2015 a smaller limestone figure closely resembling a Late Paleolithic or Neolithic Eurasian "Venus" appeared at another area of this site:

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