Terry Deal Finds

Ashe County, North Carolina


Carved Face in Quartzite - Terry Deal Find, North Carolina

A remarkable Figure Stone in quartzite, in the classic theme of one creature emerging from the mouth of another.  Note the distinct face incorporated into the tongue.
The colors of the primary face's eyes and tongue are natural features of the rock, exposed by removal of surrounding material.
Sandstone Bear Heads - Terry Deal Finds, North Carolina
Sandstone bear-head figures in the same cache as the quartzite figure above, from about half a meter below the terrain surface.  Three of these exhibit distinctly carved ears, as shown on the one below: 

Sandstone Bear Ears - Terry Deal Find, North Carolina


Engraved Steatite (Soapstone) Figure from North Carolina

A piece of steatite (soapstone) likely cut from a piece of pottery, then engraved.  (Possibly Middle Archaic Period).  Compare this with a well known find from the Gault site in Texas:

Early-to-Middle Archaic Points - Terry Deal Finds, North Carolina

Early-to-Middle Archaic Period flint, rhyolite, and quartz projectile points, and a flint scraper, in stratigraphic context with the Figure Stone finds.


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