Flint Points and a Small Hematite Celt

from near 33GU218 (Day's Knob)

These artifacts were kindly donated by Helen Fogle of Old Washington, Ohio, whose children had collected them from at and near the surface of  the Salt Fork bottomland immediately north of the hilltop habitation site.  Stylistically they date from the Early Archaic to the Middle Woodland Period, roughly 10,000 to 1500 years BP.

Mrs. Fogle and her brother John Laughman, whose grandparents owned the site in the early twentieth century, have been instrumental in discrediting state ("Ohio History Connection") archaeologists' adamant but clearly absurd and seemingly desperate insistence that the rather obvious prehistoric earthwork at the site must somehow be the result of recent strip mining or quarrying, and that the ruggedness of the local terrain would have deterred ancient inhab- itants from leaving significant evidence of their presence.


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