Petroglyphs in Sandstone

33GU218 in Guernsey County, Ohio


Approx. 60 cm (24") below unglaciated and undisturbed terrain surface.

 Bird-Human Petroglyph - Day's Knob Archaeological Site 

Bird-human petroglyph with bird emerging downward from mouth.

Note the classic one-eye-open / one-eye-almost-shut motif. 

Below:  Close-up of emerging bird.

Bird Petroglyph - Day's Knob Archaeological Site
Note the sharp V-profile grooves, professionally identified as having been made with a sharp-edged object (flint?) drawn forcefully across the surface of the rock.  (Not worm fossils as some archaeologists have insisted.)

Spider Petroglyph - Day's Knob Archaeological Site

Mastodon Petroglyph - 33GU218


   Mastodon head, right profile


Petroglyphs In Situ - 33GU218

The petroglyphs in situ, about 60 cm (24") below the current terrain surface in a truck track along the access path up the hill, after years of grading, erosion, and vegetation regrowth.  It is anticipated that additional petroglyphs might appear when more of this fine-grained sandstone stratum is uncovered.

April 2005, Dr. Arsen Faradzhev (Moscow State University) photographing the petroglyphs.


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