Human Face Figure in Limestone

Human Face Figure in Limestone - Day's Knob Archaeological Site
This recent find incorporates the common theme of one eye open, one eye closed.  While the imagery in the lithic material at this site is usually only per- functorily carved, apparently just as a matter of ritual (animistic?) routine, this particular figure is easily recognized as a human head, seemingly wear- ing shamanic headgear.  The artificial carving and grinding marks are also quite evident.  As is often the case with the more explicit image stones, this one stands upright on a flattened base. 

In typical fashion, this stone is polymorphic/polyiconic, incorporating sev- eral recognizable images on its surface.  Below are other sides of the rock, their images less humanlike than in the photo above, but compelling nonetheless.


Figure in Limestone - Day's Knob Archaeological Site     



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